Do Citizen Science

Participating in citizen science by reporting what birds you see and where you see them can help scientists track bird populations in different areas.  There are several ways of participating.  You can set up an ebird account and report birds wherever you are - your yard, a park, or outside your office.  You can also search to see the birds that others reported. If you are a beginner to bird identification, you will need a field guide such as The Birds of Michigan or you can download the Merlin app on your phone.  The Great Backyard Bird Count takes place around the world for four days each February.  You just identify the birds you see or hear for at least 15 minutes and enter your list on the Merlin ID app, the ebird mobile app, or the ebird website.  For a longer-term project, you can put up a feeder and join Project FeederWatch, which runs from January through April of each year.  For more information, click on the links below.